Scope of this book

This book covers Git from its fundamental concepts and basic commands, gradually progressing to more advanced topics and real-world scenarios. The scope of the book includes, but is not limited to, the following key areas:

  • Introduction to Version Control

  • Overview of Git and It's Benefits

  • Setting up Git on Different Platforms

  • Git Fundamentals

  • Working with Git

  • Working with Remote Repositories

  • Advanced Git Features

  • Git in Real-world

  • Git Troubleshooting

  • Git Best Practices & Tips

Throughout the book, hands-on exercises, examples, and practical projects will be provided to reinforce learning and encourage readers to apply their newly acquired skills.

By the end of "Git Developer Guide" readers will have gained a solid understanding of Git's concepts, mastered its commands, and be well-prepared to utilise Git effectively in their individual projects or professional endeavours as part of a team.

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